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Urine analysis is the second most commonly performed test in medical laboratories and is very important indicator for kidney, liver and endocrine function. The wide variety of bacterial and other pathological infections affecting the genitourinary system requires the need for in-depth knowledge in the analysis of urine sediment and it is essential for interpreting the clinical symptoms and performing control of the infection.

Abnormal levels of sediment in the urine are often the result of imbalances in protein metabolism, kidney disorders or other biological conditions.

Until 27/05 you can register for the INSTAND`s online training program and test your knowledge of Urine Sediment analysis!

Online training Urine Sediment (902)

The training includes 2 parts, each evaluated separately!

  • Ist part – particle identification, as well as pre- and postanalytical questions on urine sediment analysis
  • IInd part – additional diagnosis based on provided medical data
  • The training will take place in the period: 13.06 – 24.06.2022
  • Language: English or German
  • Price: 24 EUR

To participate in the program you will receive:

  • certificate of participation mentioning your laboratory
  • certificate for successfully passed exam, if you have at least 60% correct answers

The training is designed for medical laboratory assistants and laboratory managers!

Do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions and wish to register in the online training of INSTAND!

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Seda Ahmedova