Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that we thank each one of you for your valuable contribution to the success of the 
“Laboratory Medicine for Mobile Societies in our Area” by submitting your abstract.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline15thAugust,2022
Notification of acceptance: 31stAugust, 2022

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→ Advanced technologies
→ Analytical technologies and applications
→ Artificial intelligence – Informatics
→ Autoimmune diseases , including allergy
→ Bioinformatics, including data management
→ Biomarkers in cancer
→ Bone metabolism
→ Cardiovascular diseases, including cardiac markers
→ Education and Training in Laboratory Medicine
→ Endocrinology
→ Evidence based medicine, including Guidelines
→ Gastrointestinal diseases, including hepatic and pancreatic diseases
→ Genetic diseases
→ Haematology, including haemostasis
→ Inflammation, vascular biology, endothelium, and oxidative stress
→ Inherited disorders, metabolic disorders and rare diseases

→ Kidney diseases
→ Laboratory Management, Accreditation, Quality Assurance, performance specification
→ Microbiology – Infectious diseases including COVID 19
→ Mobile Societies and Clinical Laboratory
→ Molecular diagnostics, including epigenetics
→ Neonatal and paediatric laboratory medicine, including prenatal testing
→ Neurological diseases
→ Nutrition, including vitamins and trace elements
→ Other
→ Personalised Medicine, including pharmacogenetics
→ Point of Care testing, critical care, emergency medicine.
→ Reference intervals and decision limits
→ Total Testing Process, including standardisation, preanalytical process
→ Toxicology, including therapeutic drug monitoring
→ Urinalysis